At Western Wire, we believe in markets and the marketplace of ideas. We also know the newsrooms of the West are stretched thin, and when reporters and editors are overworked, the marketplace of ideas suffers. The loudest and most inflammatory claims usually get the most attention. Key facts are overlooked. Voices of reason are minimized or ignored altogether.

You can see this trend in the media’s coverage of key industries across the West, especially the energy and natural resources sectors. Support for these industries, and the economic opportunity they make possible, runs deep throughout western communities. But those voices don’t get the same attention as the well-organized minority of opposition groups. So we decided to do something about it.

Established in 2017, Western Wire is the go-to source for news, commentary and analysis on pro-growth, pro-development policies across the West. We cover the news and viewpoints frequently overlooked when regulations and legislation are debated in Washington, D.C. and across the region. We believe when more facts and more voices are brought into these debates, policymakers can make better-informed decisions, with lasting and positive impacts for the families and communities of the West.

Western Wire is a project of Western Energy Alliance, a non-profit regional oil and natural gas association based in Denver, Colo., and active across 13 states. The Alliance works closely with stakeholders in state and local government; academia; ranching; other industries; think tanks; and sportsmen’s, civic, business, issue advocacy and other groups. These allies share an interest in a vibrant western economy with robust job creation.

Publishers may reproduce Western Wire stories at no cost, provided a credit to the author and Western Wire is included and a link back to the site is posted as well.