Colorado Rising held a rally on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol today to push for a moratorium on new drilling.  A group of several dozen protesters gathered with anti-fossil fuel signs and sang popular songs with lyrics changed to reflect their messaging.  The demonstrators then positioned themselves on the steps to greet lawmakers on the first official day of the 2019 legislative session.

It’s the beginning of a new push from Colorado Rising, the group behind the increased oil and gas setbacks initiative Proposition 112.  As Western Wire reported, the group is re-calibrating its mission and goals in light of the loss at the ballot box in the 2018 elections.

Yesterday, the group’s newly named executive director and former State Representative Joe Salazar took part in a rally outside Civic Center Park to push legislators to do more to address climate change in the new session.  In his remarks, he issued a warning to politicians not aligned with the group’s goals.

“Yes you are my representative and I’m going to give you a chance, but I’m also going to line up somebody against you to primary you in two years or in four years. Because I want you to stay nervous all the time. I want you to feel uncomfortable all the time. Because in that discomfort you will do exactly what you are there to do which is to represent us,” Salazar said to the crowd.

Salazar did not shy away from putting Governor-elect Jared Polis on notice that his record would face the same scrutiny as the legislature when it comes to these issues.

“And the moment you feel too comfortable to do that, we’re going to remind you how uncomfortable we will make things for you. And that includes, even though he is my friend, that includes the governor of the state of Colorado,” Salazar said. “Do not get comfortable in your blue sneakers! Because blue sneakers can step in sh** just like boots can. Do not get comfortable where you sit, because those seats are not yours. They’re the people’s.”