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The national anti-fossil fuel group responsible for the Green New Deal has drawn a firm line in the Colorado Democratic Senate Primary to deny former Governor John Hickenlooper the nomination. The Sunrise Movement, which has received substantial support from anti-fossil fuel philanthropies like the Rockefeller Family Fund and Wallace Global Fund, announced on Twitter it is jumping into Colorado’s U.S. Senate race and endorsing former State House Speaker Andrew Romanoff in the primary in a clear shot against Hickenlooper.

Top federal government officials are now facing confrontations and threats similar to what has been seen at the state and local level over the past several years, reports from the country’s top environmental regulatory agency revealed last week. Meanwhile, Members of Congress have asked the Department of Justice if current laws sufficiently protect the public and energy infrastructure from threatening environmental activists. “[Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt] was approached in the airport numerous times, to the point of profanities being yelled at him and so forth,” Henry Barnet, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Criminal Enforcement, told Politico.

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The recently-formed activist group “Stop the Money Pipeline” used Earth Day to bring its launch a campaign to to bring the divestment fight to Colorado and spread the word about efforts to pressure financial institutions to stop doing business with fossil fuel companies. Though the web-based events lacked the turnout of traditional protests, they signaled continued commitment to pushing colleges, banks, financial institutions and city and state governments to divest.

When Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg arrived in New York City by a sailboat made from petroleum products, her trip, as well as her addresses before Congress and the UN, made headlines. In the weeks since, Thunberg has not been the subject of national coverage, even though she has continued to maintain a brisk travel schedule. Over the course of the past month, Thunberg has made stops in Canada and the Midwest, traveling in an electric car borrowed from an unusual source—bodybuilder, actor, and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The newly-minted progressive Denver City Council is moving forward with a new carbon tax, despite hesitation from the mayor and leading business groups in the city. The effort builds on state efforts to impose climate fees on users of Uber and Lyft.

Activists in Denver hoped that an afternoon rally and personal appeal might make a prominent convert of one of Colorado’s two U.S. Senators and a possible Democratic candidate for president to the so-called ‘Green New Deal.’ Protesters with the Sunrise Movement held signs and hoped to meet with U.S. Sen. …