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Anti-fracking activists at the "March for Science" on April 22. Source: Colorado Independent,

A nationwide ban on fracking would have significant negative impacts on America’s economy including decreases in household income, job losses and GDP decline according to a new industry study this week.  The American Petroleum Institute (API) warned Thursday that a nationwide fracking ban like the ones proposed by several Democratic presidential candidates would lead to 7.5 million lost jobs by 2022 and painful increases to the cost of living for American families.

State Rep. Mary Young

The oil and natural gas industry in Colorado received bipartisan support today at a state capitol event where both Republicans and Democrats backed operators in the face of growing political and regulatory challenges.

On a day in which anti-fossil fuel activists announced their latest efforts to run ballot measures in Colorado, industry released a report showing domestic energy production continues to strongly support employment and economic development throughout the Mountain West.