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Pushing his environmental platform further since wrapping up the Democratic presidential nomination this month, former Vice President Joe Biden floated the idea of creating a new cabinet post focused solely on climate change if elected in November.

The Sunrise Movement signaled this week that it won’t surrender its environmental crusade despite Joe Biden becoming the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. The climate activist group is now aiming to force the former vice president to adapt its platform during the general election.

Two leading Colorado lawmakers still have not commented a week after the Sunrise Movement, a major environmental group supporting them, employed disinformation tactics to deceive reporters and strongarm Denver’s mayor.

Furthering deepening the divide within the U.S. Senate Democratic primary in Colorado, opposing candidates and environmental activist groups sharply criticized the absence of former Gov. John Hickenlooper who cited a scheduling conflict.

One of the latest mega-donors to emerge in climate activism is the heir to an oil fortune who owns several massive properties and works with a consultant known for using philanthropy as a tool to burnish the images of celebrities.

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer visited Colorado this past weekend pledging to use unilateral executive powers as president to implement his environmental agenda if Congress does not act. He said he would give Congress a deadline of 100 days to pass a Green New Deal and that failure to do so would mean declaring a “climate emergency” that he claims would give him broad executive authority.

The newly-minted progressive Denver City Council is moving forward with a new carbon tax, despite hesitation from the mayor and leading business groups in the city. The effort builds on state efforts to impose climate fees on users of Uber and Lyft.