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In the third year of the Trump administration, the Environmental Protection Agency is leaner, more cooperative, and focused on returning to core principles of environmental protection and economic growth, says Chief of Staff Mandy Gunasekara, who spoke at a digital fall policy roundtable before the Congressional Western Caucus on Wednesday.

The Interior Department’s acting Deputy Secretary, Kate MacGregor, has been nominated by President Trump by President Trump to assume that role on a permanent basis.

The Congressional Western Caucus is calling on Congress to modernize the Endangered Species Act and released a draft legislative package of 19 bills that they say will do just that during a roundtable discussion this week.

A group of 24 members of Congress signed a letter to President Donald Trump urging the administration to increase domestic production of uranium supplies needed by U.S. nuclear power plants. The letter argues the American nuclear sector is too dependent on uranium imports, including from countries holding hostile positions towards the U.S.