This week, Western Wire Managing Editor Michael Sandoval joined the Kim Monson Show to talk about the current investigative series on the City of Denver’s 2019 climate tax debate.

The breadth of opposition revealed through a Western Wire open records request details estimates of increased costs, from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars annually. There were also widespread concerns with the business community’s lack of representation in the city’s stakeholder process and frustration about policies that appeared to unfairly target certain commercial and industrial segments without any cost analysis. The city was widely criticized by restauranteurs, marijuana growers, environmental groups, and property managers.

Here are the three parts currently published in reverse chronological order:

EXCLUSIVE: Denver Businesses Called Proposed Climate Tax “Irresponsible,” “Not The Answer” To Environmental Concerns

EXCLUSIVE: Denver Climate Tax Proposal Spurred Deep Concerns, Charges Of ‘Political Grandstanding’

EXCLUSIVE: Emails Show City Of Denver Excluded Businesses, Sought Environmental Input In Last Year’s Climate Tax Proposal